Personal Information

Personal data

Name : Rob Baartwijk

Residence : Alphen aan den Rijn

Date of birth : 28-06-1961 in The Hague
Nationality : Dutch
Marital status : Engaged

Occupation : ICT Specialist / Web Design / iSeries
Hobbies : Making/writing music, reading, physics

General work experience

My work experience spans over 30 years and ranges from my initial job as a mainframe-operator via programming to being an iSeries consultant.

I am now focussed entirely on Web Design activities. focussing on Laravel and AngularJs.

See my curriculum for all the details available.

Volunteer work:

1998 – 2006 : Secretary of the board of “Pop-en Cultuur-podium Het Kasteel” in Alphen aan den Rijn.

2013 – current : Board member of “PopPlatformAlphen” in Alphen aan den Rijn (

I am also a fanatical musician. I play keyboards, guitars and I sing. I have had various bands through the years, ranging from Prog-Rock to Drum ‘n Bass. I have had a record contract in the distant past and recorded in a professional studio. I have also written lyrics for several recording artists and co-written music for others. These experiences still help me make music today.


I have built several frameworks for specifically targeted website-styles. You can find out more by clicking the images. Please note that all these websites have been built using free templates that were then extensively modified, except where noted otherwise.

  • Contains custom plugin for musicians database
  • Full SEO configuration
  • Visit the site at PopPlatformAlphen
  • Built with Avada theme
  • Configured for SEQ
  • Uses WooCommerce plugin
  • Built with free theme/template
  • Contains very few images to be as readable as possible by people who suffer from autism

Available Downloads


My brief two-page curriculum in Word-format

Brief CV >>

My full curriculum in Word-format

Full CV >>

Auto-Post-Tagger – a WordPress plugin

The purpose of the Auto Post Tagger plugin is to automatically add standard tags to posts that have specific strings in the subject line. The array which determines these tag-additions can be found in the php file and altered to your wishes. Some examples have already been provided.

There are no additional screens to display for this plugin so there are no screenshots available.

To install the plugin download the zip-file here, extract it into your plugins directory and activate it. You can alter the tags and search terms by clicking the Edit-button below the plugin name.

Auto-Post-Tagger Plugin >>

Get In Touch With Me


Rob Baartwijk
Magerhorst 33
2402 LR  Alphen aan den Rijn

Phone: +31 6 23247584